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DirectOne by SecurePay - A Business of Australia Post

The site you are visiting has been enabled for secure credit card payments processing using SecurePay's DirectOne payment product.

DirectOne has been providing secure online payments for over many years to hundreds of merchants across Australia.

All payment pages served by DirectOne are secured by our own 128-bit SSL certificate supplied by GeoTrust.

PCI DSS Compliant

Your credit card details are passed directly to the merchant's bank without ever being stored on either their system or DirectOne system. DirectOne at no time handles your money because the transaction is between you and the merchant's bank.

DirectOne securely facilitates the transaction, protecting both you and the merchant and providing detailed reporting and invoice tracking numbers.

If you wish to know more about DirectOne or other SecurePay products, please click on "Contact Information" on the left of screen or visit SecurePay.

Thank you for using DirectOne and SecurePay

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